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Seeds 2012

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Seeds 2012


Spring is in the air! On our blog ( Those Pesky Summer Holidays! ) we researched various seed types and picked those which we felt were most suitable for both our West of Ireland climate and our school calendar. We're in the middle of February, and it's not quiet warm enough to get to work on our outdoor raised beds, but we've made a start with some nice herbs which we'll keep indoors.

Many of these herbs require temperatures of up to 20 degrees Celsius in which to chance of that outside!

Day 1 (Feb 15th)

We sprinkled our seeds on moist compost and covered them with more compost. We then covered our pots with cling film to help the propagation process. The race is now on to see which seeds will propagate first!

We sowed:

  • Basil

  • Chives

  • Coriander

  • Cress

  • Radish

  • Scallions

We expect to see some green shoots as early as next week. We’ll keep posting pictures anytime something interesting happens!


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Day 14 (March 1st) "Green Shoots"
And they're off! Two full weeks of germination have passed and here's the state of play:

Raddish: 10.5cm
Cress 5.5cm
Coriander 5cm
Scallions 2cm
Chives 2cm
Basil (only just emerging!)

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