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Those Pesky Summer Holidays!

Published by Danny Charlton in Gardening · 30/01/2012 14:00:23
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Those Pesky Summer Holidays!

Spring has Sprung and it’s time plan our vegetable garden. This is always a very exciting time of year, but careful planning is essential!

One of the biggest problems in school veg gardens is those pesky summer holidays! Yes, that’s right, summer holidays are a nuisance when it comes to growing veg. So many of our favourite vegetables peak just at the wrong time for schools, or require lots of maintenance during those 8 or 9 weeks of holidays.

Fear not, gallant gardeners, there is a solution! Good planning, timing, careful seed selection and of course, decent weather, can help us overcome this problem.

If we plan our veg garden properly, we should be able to enjoy plenty of produce before the summer holidays while also having more to look forward to when we return in September.

Each of you has until Thursday to find a suitable crop for us to grow in school.

It could be a quick cropper or a slow burner and obviously must be suited to the Irish climate. This blog will be open to comments on Thursday at 3pm and all comments will be published at 1pm on Friday so we can discuss our options in class.

Here are a few websites to get you started:

GIY Ireland


The Organic Centre

Irish Seed Savers

Brown Envelope Seeds

Use the following 3 headings:
a) Crop
b) Seed Variety
c) Why I Chose This

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